In der Ausgabe Nr.465 (19.02.2016) gibt die französische Wochenzeitschrift „Le Figaro Magazine" einen Einblick in die Vermietung als Investition in Frankreich. Die Lage hat sich für Investoren verschlechtert: die Rendite einer vermieteten Wohnung in Paris ist so niedrig wie nie. Dies ist eine Folge der sogenannten „Loi Alur“, ein Gesetzespaket, das unter anderem eine Beschränkung der Miete in manchen Städten Frankreichs vorsieht.

Französische Investoren, die eine höhere Rendite wollen, müssen jetzt neue Wege gehen: entweder in anderen Städten der eigenen Heimat investieren, oder im Ausland ihr Glück versuchen. Die Journalistin Colette Sabarly hat David Nguyen, Mitgründer der ADEN Immo GmbH, nach den Vorteilen einer vermieteten Wohnung in Berlin als Kapitalanlage gefragt. 

„In Berlin ist die durchschnittliche Rendite von 3,6% bis 3,8% gerade nicht sensationell, doch man kann mit einer Gebäudeabschreibung in Höhe von 2,5% vierzig Jahre lang rechnen. Hinzu kommt, dass der Gewinn aus dem Verkauf einer Immobilie 10 Jahre nach der Anschaffung [in Deutschland] nicht versteuert wird. [Bei einer in Deutschland vermieteten Wohnung] werden auch keine Sozialabgaben von der Rendite abgezogen.“

Laut der Journalistin überzeugen diese Argumente mehr und mehr französische Investoren, eine Wohnung in Berlin als Kapitalanlage zu kaufen. Der Berliner Immobilienmarkt zeigt auch eine hohe Wachstumsrate, die einen vorteilhaften Gewinn bei dem Verkauf verspricht.

Berlin is not “the poor but sexy city” anymore, as the former mayor, Klaus Wowereit, said. A dynamic growth has been set up.  The real estate prices rose by 10% last year. “All indicators plan that the price increase will keep going: 15 000 accommodations are missing per year” and the new law on the rent regulation system, which has come into force on June 1st, does not seem to stop this market pressure. It appears to be even “counterproductive”, Arnaud Schott noticed. “I get the impression that everything remains the same as before with just the difference that there are less available apartments on the market”.

What is the state of the real estate market in Berlin?
The Berlin real estate market is very attractive today, since prices are really low compared to those applied in other European capitals and also to those applied in other German cities like Munich or Hamburg. Our market has kept rising for six years now and probably will not stop increasing, because demand is currently greater than supply. […]

Why did you set up a Franco-German real estate agency specialized in Berlin’s market?
[…] At that time (in 2008), we observed that French people who wanted to buy [in Berlin] found themselves in difficulty, as the sale process is different. […] The language is also a barrier. Therefore, we set up ADEN Immo so that buying in Berlin would be as simple as in France. Our team is bilingual which makes the dialogue easier. However, more than 50% of our customers are German. We also created the concept of real estate agency since there is practically no real estate agency in streets in Germany.

You can find the whole French article in the magazine Hebdo-BOURSE PLUS number 804, published on July 24th 201, or online with the following link:

The German property market is atypical with its low housing prices and contributes to its very competitive economy. While the property prices rose more than 100% during the first ten years in France and the UK, this increase was only of 10% in the same period in Germany. First of all it can be explained by the fact that the German economy is not centralized and is distributed on seven big cities. Therefore the pressure of housing demand is dispersed on the whole country. Furthermore, “Germany developed a “tenant mentality” as the quality of the goods is the same for the acquisition and location, and since the rent cost was ridiculous during many years. This mentality is stimulated by a high stability of hosing prices.” “Moreover, the federal state did not undertake anything to develop a “Germany of owners”. Finally, the low birth rate and the possibility to build new accommodations should limit the rise of property prices in the future.

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