Rental apartment in Berlin


In Germany, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right property. The search for a rental flat in Berlin therefore often turns into a time-consuming process. No matter which Berlin district you want to live in, ADEN Immobilien is here to help you find a flat to rent in Berlin. 

This is what you should bear in mind when looking for flats to rent in order to quickly find a suitable flat in Berlin!

How you can find a rental apartment in Berlin

When looking for the ideal rental property for you, there are a few essential factors to consider to ensure that you are happy with your new place in the long term. Not only the features of the flat like the size or the floor plans are crucial decision-making factors but also external factors should be considered.  

A suitable floor plan

A look at the floor plan of the flat helps you visualize living in it before you sign the contract. Especially if you are interested in a shared flat, you should think about the purpose of each room. Some flats are more suitable for shared flats than others. 

The condition of the rental flat

The condition of the flat should also be given special consideration. Make sure it is in good condition and look out for defects and damage. You can trust a professional real estate agent to find you a rental flat that fully meets all the requirements.

Perfect location

When choosing a flat to rent in Berlin, the location is extremely important. For example, you should pay attention to the distance to your workplace, but also to interesting places you can visit in your free time. Are there interesting cultural amenities, restaurants and shopping opportunities in the neighborhood of the rental flat? Explore Berlin’s diverse districts with us to find the perfect residential area to suit your needs! At ADEN Immobilien we offer flats in the most popular districts such as Prenzlauer Berg or Berlin Mitte.

Reasonable ancillary costs

Rising ancillary costs can be considered a burden for tenants. Without proper insulation or a modern heating system, utility costs add up quickly. Therefore, check whether all costs are included in the rent and how high the ancillary costs are calculated.   

Public transport system

Living near a public transport hub will make it easier for you to get around the city without having to use a car or bike. When choosing a flat, look for proximity to public transport if you want to be well connected. 

Tips before renting a flat in Berlin

There are a number of things you should keep in mind when you are searching for a rental flat in Berlin. We have put together some tips that can help you find the perfect rental flat in Berlin for you.

Do your research before you rent a flat

Before you go flat hunting, you should know what kind of flat you are looking for and where in the city it is located. Research the different districts, prices and availability to find a suitable option for you.

Set a budget

If you’re looking to rent a flat, it’s important to set a budget so you can narrow down your search in Berlin and focus on flats that fit your budget. When planning your budget, take into account any associated costs such as moving expenses and monthly bills.

Visit the area

Before signing the contract, it’s a good idea to visit the area where you want to live. Look out for potential problems such as noise or the quality of nearby amenities like supermarkets and parks.

Get advice from experienced estate agents

If you are unfamiliar with the real estate market in Berlin, you should get professional assistance. An experienced real estate agent can provide you with valuable information and make your search for a flat in Berlin easier.

Our experienced real estate agents at ADEN Immobilien will help you find a suitable flat to rent in Berlin. We will guide you through every step of the process!