Removing load-bearing walls – is it worth the expense and effort for property owners?

Every property has its own layout, and it won’t suit everyone. Whether it’s the desire for an open-plan kitchen or to enlarge a room, removing a wall can be a tricky business. This is especially true when the wall is load-bearing. What options do property owners have when it comes to realising their desired home improvements? And is the work worth undertaking ahead of a property sale?

Some readers have probably experienced the following before. You are viewing a property with an estate agent or the owner. You maybe notice that some rooms are too small or that the living room and kitchen are separated by a load-bearing wall. You like the property itself, just not the internal layout. It’s decided: the wall has got to go. But who is the best person to turn to for help with this task?

Can you remove a load-bearing wall yourself?

Load-bearing walls should never be removed by a layperson. Otherwise, the property can be severely damaged or may even collapse. Only an expert can determine whether a wall is load-bearing or bracing.

In most cases, structural supports such as columns, pillars or wooden beams will also be required. The problem can perhaps be resolved by creating an opening in the wall. You should always consult a specialist, who will be able to assess the options for removing the wall in question and what this might cost.

The experts who are knowledgeable about statics and can assess a property’s walls include architects, structural engineers and construction specialists. Where available, the building plans for the house are also a great help to the expert. The estate agent can assist owners or buyers in the search for a suitable expert.

Open-plan layouts increase a property’s value!

In recent years, open-plan living areas and kitchens have become increasingly attractive. The rooms not only appear larger, brighter and more friendly, but can also be used more flexibly. Opening up a property’s layout also increases its value. Owners who wish to sell their house or apartment can thus charge a higher price for the property.

Following an assessment by an expert, the estate agent will be able to estimate whether such a value-generating measure is actually worth the cost and effort involved. This is because with a load-bearing wall in particular, it becomes more complicated and expensive to remove.


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