Successful property marketing on social media

Social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are actively used by 46 per cent of the German population. Product purchases form a particular focus of users, but property searches are also being increasingly conducted via social media. A growing number of estate agents have recognised this trend and are adapting their marketing activities accordingly. Some estate agents are already using social media as a marketing channel, thereby increasing their reach. How exactly do they achieve this?

The majority of property searches are still carried out the ‘traditional’ way via online property search-portals. Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter still play a subordinate role when it comes to marketing properties. However, more and more estate agents can see the potential here and are utilising it accordingly. If you are an active Instagram user yourself and have many followers, you will already know what it is like when your posted images and videos gain the attention of people whose interest in the respective topic or the aesthetic quality of your images you were hitherto unaware of.

Wide reach thanks to many followers

The same phenomenon can be observed on the social media channels of many estate agents. What is important is that the estate agent is already established on the respective social media platform and has many followers. Of course, the best kind of follower is one who is explicitly interested in the topic and has subscribed to the channel for this reason. If you want to increase the number of people who are aware of your property, commissioning a professional estate agent who is active on social media in your region is a lucrative option.

Estate agents also use social media to impress

Social media influencers tend to be active in the lifestyle segment. Yet there are also successful estate agents with wide reach and many followers. However, it takes more than just property ads and exposés to inspire these followers. A lot of work goes into social media posts, and influencers need to be very inventive in order to maintain the interest of existing followers and to gain new ones. Successful marketing is a blend of regular new content, authentic posts of property adverts as well as ones containing personal content that demonstrates how ahead of the crowd the respective estate agent is. The likelihood is very high that the estate agent’s followers will include potential buyers for your property. By utilising their social media network, your regional estate agent can draw the attention of potential buyers to your property, and then use their knowledge of the market and their negotiating skills to also successfully sell your property.

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