Why you need a professional exposé ?

An effective exposé helps you not only obtain a better price for your property but also appeal to the right target group and thus save yourself the hassle of unnecessary viewings. Here you can find out what it takes to create a high-quality exposé.

It is usually pretty annoying when the first thing a potential buyer says during a viewing is “It’s not what I was expecting.” After that, the rest of the viewing often proves to be a waste of time. This situation could have been avoided with an effective exposé that gave a more accurate picture of the property’s true characteristics. And this is not the only reason why good estate agents put their faith in a high-quality exposé: experience has proved that buyers tend to be more willing to pay a reasonable price if the property is presented in a high-quality way.

Texts with impact

The exposé contains all the key information about the property. This includes not only the year of construction, asking price, living space and property size but also the energy rating, floor plans and number of rooms and floors. Vivid descriptions of, and precise information about, the property’s condition and features are also extremely important here. Ideally, every question a potential buyer may have will have been answered in the exposé.

Given that buying a property is also an emotional process, it is important to present the property in the best possible light. You should therefore make sure to use euphemistic descriptions such as “premium” or “lots of natural light” only if they actually reflect the reality. However, along with the property’s advantages, you should also describe possible flaws in the exposé. If potential buyers spot flaws that they were previously unaware of during the viewing, they will often become sceptical and ask themselves whether the seller perhaps has something to hide, and then focus on trying to spot further flaws. This is why being open from the outset is a good idea.

Photos with impact

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An effective presentation also requires professional photos. When selected views and furnishing details are presented in aesthetically appealing photos, potential buyers will assess the value of the property in a completely different way. Ensure that the photos are in focus and well-lit, not blurry and dark. It is equally important that the photos reflect the dimensions of the respective room as accurately as possible, and do not distort these. For this purpose, lines such as a corner of the room or the edges of windows and doors should be straight, not angled. Professionals generally shoot such photos from a height of around 1 metre.

The effort required

Alongside the texts and photos, you will also need the documents relevant to the sale for the exposé. A smart, modern design and layout are also important. This means a little more effort on your part, but it pays off in most instances. Thanks to their many years of experience, professional estate agents know what it takes to create a high-quality and effective exposé. If drawing up your own exposé for your property is too much effort, you should contact your local, professional estate agent.

Do you want to take a professional approach to advertising your property in order to get the best price for it? Then get in touch with us today. We are happy to advise you.

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