Don’t leave any money on the table – even in an emergency sale

In recent weeks, coronavirus has not only had an enormous impact on our social lives, but on the economy as well. Many companies have switched to reduced working hours. The result? A shortfall in the earnings of property owners. An emergency sale is often the last resort. We explain why you should never go through an emergency sale alone.

Selling a property is a complex process that owners often underestimate. It can be all too easy to make mistakes you will come to regret later on, especially when under a lot of pressure. That’s exactly why it’s so important to be able to rely on the support of an estate agent.

For example, professional estate agents know all the ins and outs of valuing your property. They know the market better than anyone else. They use the right methodology to determine the property value. And they know how to find a creditworthy buyer quickly.

Professional estate agents know the value of a property

Many owners are unable to properly assess the value of their property or even to value it at all, which often leads to the property being sold below its value – especially in emergency situations when things need to move quickly. But overestimating the property value can also have a negative impact on property sales, since it makes it more difficult to find a buyer.

Once a professional estate agent has valued your property, the next step is to obtain the necessary documents. Whether from government offices, property managers and notaries – professional estate agents know exactly what is needed and where to obtain the documents.

Professional estate agents curate a marketing strategy

Without doubt, the key to a successful sale is properly marketing the property. Presenting the property attractively and in the best possible light results in a quick, successful sale. When marketing a property, photos and floor plans are included for prospective buyers. Professional estate agents make sure that professional photos are used to appeal to the target audience.

A qualified estate agent knows how to approach target client groups and also has a client file. This file might contain potential buyers whose needs and resources are compatible with the property. This means estate agents can often quickly introduce a property to a buyer without having to post it on property listing portals.

But a professional estate agent’s responsibilities go beyond marketing alone. They also serve in an advisory capacity and can offer comprehensive advice that takes multiple factors into account. For example, they can recommend a removals company or offer tips on financing. If you discover any damage to the house, they can put you in touch with a suitable specialist. Even after the sale is completed, a good professional estate agent will remain in contact with you.

Want to find out how to sell your property quickly? Get in touch. We’re happy to advise you.

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