Clearing out your home: thinks to look out for

Common reasons for a clear-out are an upcoming move to a retirement home or the dissolving of a household, e.g. after the death of a relative. Sometimes, it’s also simply the case that property owners want to create some order so they can make better use of their attic or cellar space. But what is the best way to proceed? How do you go about finding a professional home-clearance company, and what will their services cost?

If you’re planning a clear-out, the first question is whether to do it yourself or entrust the task to a specialist. If it’s a family home in which things have accumulated from cellar to attic over the course of decades, a professional home-clearance company is often the better option. This is because the job of sorting out and disposing of everything is usually a huge task, both physically and time-wise.

Preparation is key

When clearing out the home of a deceased relative, you should decide whether certain items have sentimental value to you or another family member before hiring the services of a home-clearance company. In the case of art, jewellery or collections, it is often advisable to have these valued by an expert – they might be worth more than you think! By laying lots of the groundwork yourself, you can make the home-clearance company’s job easier and thus save on costs.

Choosing a reliable service-provider

When choosing a home-clearance company, it can be useful initially to obtain two or three quotes to compare. However, don’t just base your decision on the price but also pay attention to whether or not the service-provider is transparent in their communication. A flat-rate estimate of the clearance costs based on square metres is impossible. Professional companies will offer you a free assessment visit, will closely inspect the home that is to be cleared and then submit a written quote. This should contain a fixed price – not a cost estimate! (A cost estimate means that the actual price can end up being up to 20 per cent higher.) You should also check whether the service-provider has liability insurance. Companies without liability insurance either quickly go bankrupt or quickly disappear with your money. They are therefore anything but professional.

What does a home clearance cost?

There are many factors affecting the price of a home clearance. To get a rough idea of what is involved, it is fair to assume that each room will cost around 500 euros to clear. But this can vary greatly. Of course, it all depends on the type and quantity of objects to be cleared. The access and parking options, the location of the property, lift access when dealing with apartments on upper floors, and certain other factors all affect the cost of a home clearance. Companies often advertise the fact that reusable inventory is offset against the price. The costs are therefore reduced if the home-clearance company believes that a large proportion of the items in your home can be resold. However, you should be under no illusions here: most items that you no longer want are also unlikely to have much market value.

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