Calculate rent: How much rent can I charge?

How much rent can I ask for? Asking the right amount of rent is one of the most important questions landlords should ask. It is crucial for the financing of any property and the future success of a rental property. To determine the best possible rental rate, landlords must first and foremost analyse market conditions. This means that landlords need to compare the current prices in the region and the demand for housing. Furthermore, they should take into account how the flat is equipped and over what period it will be rented. what the rental period is. If the owners set the rent too high, the flat may not be rented. If the rent is set too low, the landlord may run the risk of missing out on too much rent. Accordingly, the decision on how much rent to charge should always be made with care.

Getting the right balance between yield and rent can be crucial!

It is therefore important to find a balance between a good return and an appealing rent. Another important decision is whether to set the rent as a fixed price or as an index-linked rent. Again, landlords should keep an eye on the economic situation to make sure they are not asking for too much. If you are unsure, you can also consult an estate agent to carry out a proper rent assessment. Once you have an idea of how much rent you can charge, you need to consider your costs. These include all the costs you have to run the property, including taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance and other costs.

A rent should be set fairly for both tenant and landlord!

You also need to make sure you have enough money to pay the mortgage if you have one. You need to guarantee that you will take enough rent to cover all these costs, plus a little more to give yourself a profit. Once you know the costs and the typical rent in your area, you can decide what rent to charge. Remember that you should not want to charge too much or you may not be able to find tenants. It is also important that you have a flexible system in place to allow you to increase the rent if rents rise in your area. It is important to bear in mind that calculating the right rent is a very complex task and requires extensive consideration. If you have any doubts, you can always consult a real estate expert to ensure that you get the best rent for your house or flat.

This is how much rent you can charge: 5 tips for the perfect rent calculation!


  1. Determine the current market value of your property. This is the price a buyer would be willing to pay for your house or flat. The market value can be determined by calculating the comparative value by looking at similar properties in the area and comparing their prices.


  1. Look at the rental prices of the other properties and determine if there is a trend of rents going up or down in your area. Try to find out what factors might be influencing this change (for example, demand for housing).


  1. Consider the condition and location of your property: a nice view or a good location will probably allow you to get higher rents than other owners in the area.


  1. Also check all local laws and regulations related to rental prices: There may be certain restrictions on raising rents in certain regions, so find out in advance about any such regulations in your state or county. Thus, there may be local restrictions on how much rent you can charge. 


  1. Finally, make sure that any rent increase is fair to both the owner and the tenant: Make sure that the rent increase is due to a cost of living increase or an increase in property prices and is not done arbitrarily.

Here is an example of what your rent calculation may look like:

The example condo is located near the city centre.

  • It has recently been renovated for energy efficiency
  • Die The size is 60 square metres of living space
  • Year of construction 1990
  • The local comparative price is 9.50 euros per square metre
  • Plus a surcharge of 1.40 euros for the good location and 1.60 euros for the maintenance of the new thermal insulation (per square metre).

All together this makes a rent of 12.50 euros per square metre. This results in a total rent of 750.00 euros.


It is difficult to give an exact answer to the question of how much rent I can charge. The amount of rent depends on various factors, including the size and facilities of the building, the location, the condition of the building, local rental prices and the needs of the tenant. If you want to get an accurate answer, you should research the local property market carefully. The best way to do this is to consult an estate agent and find out what the current conditions are and get a professional rent calculation. It can also be helpful to conduct a survey of local tenants to find out what rental prices are common in your area. This way you can find out how much rent you can charge.