When someone wants to know too much – how do you respond to overly inquisitive questions when selling your property?

When selling a property for the first time, you may encounter unpleasant situations. One example is being asked questions by a potential buyer that are a little too intrusive or overly inquisitive. It’s better to be prepared for these so that you don’t say anything that you later regret.

When selling real estate, many pitfalls lurk that diminish success.

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When selling your property, it’s par for the course that people will ask you questions on the phone and during a viewing. You will want to answer these as precisely as possible. After all, the point is to provide the potential buyer with as exact an image of the offered property as possible. When it comes to questions that require a particularly careful answer, you have the opportunity to prepare responses beforehand.

Answering questions in advance by e-mail or telephone

When it comes to questions such as ‘Are you still living at the property?’, you should be cautious in your answers. Burglars can get your contact details from property adverts. This is a popular method among criminals to find vacant properties. If the person then also starts to enquire whether you live alone or involves you in a lengthy conversation about your living situation – be careful! This is why you should only give out the exact address once you are completely certain that you are dealing with a genuine potential buyer.

How indiscreet – embarrassing questions

It is particularly during viewings, when you come face to face with potential buyers, that you may be asked questions that cross the line. People won’t shy away from asking whether the noise from the street bothers you in the bedroom, or simply: ‘So why do you want to sell this wonderful house?’ Even if such questions are the result of spur-of-the-moment thoughts, you as the owner may feel you have been put on the spot and have to reveal more than you are comfortable with. Prepare yourself for these questions – a polite ‘for private reasons’ will suffice. This will put an end to such questions. If anyone asks you about drawbacks to the property, either give an honest outline of these or simply confirm the specific drawback identified by the potential buyer.

And what about the property’s flaws?

You should answer any questions concerning flaws your property has. You are in fact legally obligated to provide details of flaws that are not immediately apparent. If you fail to do so, you can be made liable once the purchase agreement has been signed. We recommend being open and honest about any flaws and drawing attention to the fact that these have already been factored into the asking price.

The task is therefore to prepare for all eventualities. However, a much better option is to entrust the sale of your property to someone with no emotional involvement: a local professional estate agent. They can use their sales experience to properly assess and answer questions. When conducting viewings, your estate agent will know exactly where the pitfalls lie with overly inquisitive questions and will be able to deal with these with complete confidence.

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In this text, the generic masculine is used for better readability. Feminine and other gender identities are explicitly included to the extent necessary for the statement.

Legal note: This article does not constitute tax or legal advice in individual cases. Please have the facts of your specific individual case clarified by a lawyer and/or tax advisor.


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