While the “loi Alur” is controversial in France, in Berlin, the rental control of already existing leases was introduced in the 70’s. The federal government recently changed the law, which limits more owners for the new location. However Berlin continues to attract always more investors. Indeed, the estate price and the cost of living remain quite low compared to the other European cities. The unemployment rate has also fallen since 2005. Moreover “The taxation is a good reason to invest in Berlin since it rests on the value rental thanks to the writing-off of the good and a tax exemption for the profit after having the good for 10 years”. Berlin always captivates more and more people and is now the 4th European urban areas thanks to its positive migration.

The topic? “First-time buyers who have difficulty to find a dwelling in Paris or Lyon and turn to other cities in Europe, such as the German capital. More and more investors, but also retirees come to Berlin. Borrow in Paris? Never. Into debt in Berlin, why not?”

"Because prices here, with € 2,600 / m², are three times lower than in Paris and because a large development potential exists in Berlin, says Arnaud Schott, one of the directors. The tax advantages are also interesting: a repayment of 2.5% of the construction value of the property per year during 40 years, the taxation of the rental income in Germany … This country can serve as a safe haven in times of crisis.”

Why are they so waiting for? Car this step!

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