While in France, “the hopes of an additional value at the resale” remain hypothetical “and the rental yield limited by the system of taxation makes buying less attractive, in Germany the market keeps attracting investors.
In fact, the prices are still 15% to 20% underestimated and are only slowly reaching the price levels of other European metropoles. The inflation of the real estate market has led the German government to introduce a rent regulation system. However, experts wonder about its efficiency in the future. “So, prices and rents should keep rising. Especially in Berlin, where the vacation rate is under 1,8 %”. Furthermore, the tenant is not secured in case of unpaid rents in Germany and the “German-French tax convention benefits especially the French investors.”  Therefore, an investment in Germany is very profitable. Please note that you can find financial means easily as in France, where you have to provide existing asset in France as guarantees, as in Germany, where a loan can be at 50% of the purchasing price.

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