A journalist interviewed a member of the ADEN Immo GmbH as part of his article “Berlin takes advantage of the Brexit but does not want to become London”. This article was published in “La Tribune” on November 4, 2016 and demonstrates once again the attractiveness of real estate investments in Berlin.

European Union and British Union Jack flag flying in front of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at Westminster Palace, London, in preparation for the Brexit EU referendum

The German real estate market noted a decrease since the Brexit, in favour of rising cities like Berlin. Since 1989 Berlin has made efforts to catch up its economic growth and it has an impact on the real estate market prices. Even if they are still affordable they are constantly rising. The government has therefore taken correctives actions such as the non-renovation of buildings in some areas, rents control and Airbnb regulation in the city. These actions are supposed to help Berlin not to be a second London, where the citizens are all leaving the city to live in the suburbs because of the prices. Their affordability attracts the foreigners because “the German just started thinking about buying”. The investors are really interested since 84% of the citizens in Berlin are tenants.

Link to the article: (in French) http://www.latribune.fr/economie/union-europeenne/immobilier-berlin-beneficie-du-brexit-mais-ne-veut-pas-devenir-londres-613477.html


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