The traditional rental in the European capital cities such as Paris and Berlin are really suffering due to the competition from the rental online platforms. Whether it be the owners, real estate agencies or hotels, problems caused by online rental platforms are several : noise pollution, lack of property or hotels desertification…This is the point of view dealt by Gwenaëlle Bellec in the report “Les excès d’Airbnb pointés du doigt” broadcasted in news the 23th February 2017 on the first French channel, TF1.


Arnaud Schott, associate of ADEN Immo talks about the shortage of property to be rented in this report due to the significant increasing of inhabitant’s number in Berlin and the Airbnb competition.


Thus, the reporter presents the determination of the city council of Berlin to struggle against the seasonal rental. In this way, the city hall has forbidden to Berliners to fully rent their main properties for short-term in order to limit the deficiency of properties and the increasing prices of rent. Moreover, the main dissuasive action is potentially influential: owners in irregular situation can be punished by a fine which could reach 100 000€. This measure, which took place in May 2016, has given as a result an important fall of seasonal rental (around 8000 properties) mainly by the professionals of the sectors. However, this is almost nothing compared to the demographic evolution of the German capital: Berlin’s population is really increasing and about 20 000 properties per year until 2030 will lack.


You can find the TV report starting at the 26th minute : heures-23- fevrier-2017.html

You can find the results of the law in Berlin on

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