ADEN Immo I experienced as a very competent and attentive partner for the property search. At no time promises were made that were later not respected. All appointments have been respected – total a thoroughly positive experience.
— Thomas K.

I am very pleased with Mr. Raynaud from ADEN Immobilien!
Mr. Raynaud is a very competent, very reliable and courteous employee and broker of ADEN Immobilien GmbH!
He always keeps his appointments on time and his competence in the real estate sector leaves no questions unanswered!
Thanks and keep it up!

— Detlev P.

Jeannette accompanied us from the first visit, and made sure that we arrived in the best conditions at the reception of our keys.
A must for francophones in Berlin, and a very pro agency with lots of exclusives.
Thank you Jeannette.

— Nicolas R.

Great services & knowledge, Mathias Lehman helped us find an amazing flat

— Adi D.

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