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To support the shops in our area you will receive from us  500,- € *  = 10 vouchers of 50 € each for selected shopsand restaurants in our neighbourhood.  *This offer is valid for any successful property sale with an exclusive brokerage contract with ADEN Immobilien. As of now and until 31.12.2020. Cash payment is […]

ADEN Immobilien awarded as top real estate agent in Germany

According to FOCUS, ADEN Immo GmbH is one of the best real estate agents in Germany. The “Germany’s TOP Real Estate Agent” award from the news magazine FOCUS is the largest independent real estate agent rating in Germany and is based on recommendations from colleagues.  The 1,000 top real estate agents in Germany were selected […]

The Berlin rent limit been adopted—what does this mean for you as a landlord?

On 30 January 2020, the Berlin House of Representatives [Abgeordnetenhaus] adopted the so-called “rent limit”. Now that the law has been adopted, it is expected to enter into force on 23 February 2020. Although the constitutional court [Verfassungsgericht] is expected to handle the law, all those affected must now comply and get to grips with […]

Le plafond des loyers de Berlin (Mietendeckel) a été adopté – qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour vous en tant que propriétaire ?

Le 30 janvier 2020, le Parlement de Berlin a adopté la loi sur le « plafonnement des loyers ». Elle devrait désormais entrer en vigueur le 23 février 2020. Bien que l’on puisse s’attendre à ce que la Cour constitutionnelle remette en cause la loi (mais dans quels délais?), toutes les parties concernées doivent maintenant […]

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